The first weeks books

Having read an abstract by Berners Lee I found it interesting that; the world wide web only started out as a way of people saving information and sending to others. It was only meant for people to access information to work on a project together. However today it is a massive space in which millions of people across the globe communicate. Although due to world wide web becoming so popular, the maintenance and research of the web and different area is a never ending task. Then I read another abstract on Mosaic by Vetter, that explained how Mosaic is one of the most popular graphic oriented browsers and that it is used in PC’s running Microsoft Windows, X Windows and Mcintosh. Furthermore I also read an abstract on how to unlock hidden content on the world wide web on area’s such as medicine and travel.  In addition I have started to read up on what the internet is designed for and found that no one actually owns the web. Instead the web has guidelines monitored by W3C. Furthermore I know what each part of a URL is and started to understand the term HTML and it’s function  as a language on the web.

After reading the mark scheme I need to improve by adding my own material, use specialist terms more frequently and add more depth to my writing. In addition I also need to improve by adding multimedia to my blogs and looking through other people’s blogs in the area of computing and challenging their thoughts. As well as this reading the full PDF file and making notes on them would also help my learning.

Cites for this weeks reading:

Berners-Lee, T. 1996. WWW: past, present, and future. Computer, 29 (10), pp. 69-77. Available from: doi: 10.1109/2.539724 [Accessed: 20 Nov 2013].

Niederst Robbins, J. 2007. Learning web design. 4th ed. Beijing: O’Reilly.

Vetter, R., Spell, C. and Ward, C. 1994. Mosaic and the World Wide Web. Computer, 27 (10), pp. 49-57. Available from: doi: 10.1109/2.318591 [Accessed: 20 Nov 2013].

Weaver, A. 1997. The Internet and the World Wide Web. Industrial Electronics, Control and Instrumentation, 1997. IECON 97. 23rd International Conference on, 4 pp. 1529-1540 vol.4. Available from: doi: 10.1109/IECON.1997.664910 [Accessed: 20 Nov 2013].


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