Web Technologies

During research on my chosen topic of cascading style sheets (CSS), I found they only first started to appear in the nineteen nineties. The aim of CSS is to define the difference between content and the presentation of a website, as well as to give designers of websites complete control over what they design using CSS.

Firstly the difference between CSS and HTML (Hyper text mark-up language) is that, HTML is contained and compatible with CSS because it deals with the content of the website. On the other hand CSS deals with the presentation of the website. As a result due to W3C introducing style sheets as a standard for websites, more and more websites are consisting of CSS and HTML. However not all web browsers can cope with cascading style sheets and so may use a style sheet of their own. CSS also is a lot quicker than HTML because it does not require that the font is set, each time there is text.  Which saves time on copy and pasting or retyping code constantly. (see image for an example of CSS.)

Example of CSS

 Secondly CSS promised a lot of things, such as total control over design for creators of websites when using CSS. However it seems this is not entirely true because the technologists that created the styles sheets, are having an influence on the way the creator of the website using that style sheet is designing it. This is because the creator is using the style in which  the technologists have set out, therefore they do not have complete control over the design and presentation. Although people are now becoming more aware of CSS, as a result will discover they can completely over throw the style sheet they are using. Consequently this will result in the creator of the websites having complete control and fulfilling the role CSS was created for.  Moreover in most other area’s CSS has improved, such as making the difference between presentation and content more defined and making then easier to create, faster download and more compatible with other languages like XML.

Upon reflection of the research carried, I feel the sources I used were very informative and it helped that I used the search engine ‘Dogpile’ as well as ‘Google’.  This allowed me  gain more information of the topic of CSS without going through the same pages repeatedly. On the other hand I do feel I could have expanded the range of research methods I used because I mainly use the internet and websites. Next time I would like to include more than just one book and some journals. I also think I could improve on improve on my general knowledge of computing as a subject, so I can understand some of the more complex reading materials more, for example researching certain terms. I also think I should have done a little research on a few of the topics within the task, to see which one had the most information, instead of picking the one I felt most familiar with. This is because I found it difficult to gain access to good quality information of CSS because most of the websites I read, were very repetitive.



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