Week 13 – Social Networking

There was no scheduled readings for week twelve, as there is a reading week every six weeks.  As a result I used this week to complete tasks outstanding within my course subject. This week the focus is on social networking and social media and the advantages it gives to businesses. Moreover exploring the cultural differences in regards to social networking.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace allow business to advertise their business more, as well as having a more active presence. These sites bridge the gap between creators and the people who use the support content. It also enables creators and business to gain rich feedback, quickly. Whereas before feedback too much longer with customer support phone calls and focused interviews. Although new policies and carefully planning, guidelines and strategies are needed because social media does not suit every product or user.

Furthermore social networking for those like Koreans have great emphasis on maintaining social support from existing social relationships. On the other hand American’s place greater emphasis and importance on gaining entertainment. American’s also use social networking sites more than Korean’s because of the difference culturally when managing and developing social relationships. Social networking sites also enables news, about natural disasters and similar events to circulate to other countries faster. This allows people to get help quicker and easier, however it can print stories that are bias because countries can lose some of the control when it is uploaded onto these sites. This is similar to business and how they advertise their products and the reason it may not be suitable for some users or products (as mentioned earlier).

Upon reflection it was very difficult to go into detail on this topic because it is closely related to other topics such as security and safety. In addition multimedia elements could have been added to improve the post, as well as interactive elements such as polls. Furthermore I could be more active in the blogging community by commenting on other students posts and adding my page to external bloggers, in order to gain more interest in my pages. Plus adding my own content would support arguments and better convey my knowledge on this topic.

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