Javascript and beyond

Some people confuse Java and Javascript to be the same. However they are not, Java is a programming language, whereas Javascript is a language used in web development. Javascript needs to tell the programme to tell the programme when to start, the code in which it needs to read and when it needs to stops.


Javascript is used widely across the web because the static pages that are produced by HTML and CSS are not enough. Javascript a type of client side scripting that allows the designer to carry out bigger jobs. For example a use will need to fill in a form, the designer can use Javascript to ensure certain field have been completed. There are various over web client server languages such as TCL/TK and VB Script that also allow this to be done. The only difference between the languages is the variables and syntax used to create the code. However the HTML language is still important because it must come before and after the scripting language.

The person the web site belongs to can design the script using Structured English or pseudo code. Although the choice of language actually used, to create the website, is completely up to the designer. This will depend of the speed, transferability and how suited it is to the application it is being implemented on. In addition due to Javascript being browser based, it cannot handle the bigger jobs. For example it cannot save the information that was entered into the form. Therefore server side scripting is needed. Languages such as Ruby on Rails which is used by Twitter, Yellow Pages and Groupon, can carry out the task of saving information entered into a form.


In reflection this blog was done completely from lecture material and therefore could have had more of my own content into it. However it did have plenty of examples in, where other blogs may not have. I have fully understood this material and as the weeks have proceeded, which allowed me to gain an understanding of how complex the web can actually be. Although I could have been more active inside and out of the blogging community, which would help me gain a deeper understanding of the topics I have written about. It would also enable me to write more concisely and as explored written in a more scannable manner. I could have also gone into more detail on posts and the done more reading, to understand certain topics that where not as easily understood.

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