About the blogger

Hello my name is Gemma Watson.

I am a first year Computing student at Edge Hill University.

Although I have started the year with very little knowledge with regards to web and programming, I have been  able to learn how to code some programmes. In addition I have also learnt a lot in the web module and doing the weekly blogs, I am conveying my understanding of what I learn each week. I try to use and explain specialist terms where possible, so that anyone reading my blogs can understand. I would hope that people visiting my blog would leave me a comment on my work. This will help me identify area’s I could improve or expand my knowledge on a given subject area.

As the first year now draws to a close I have a much better understanding of the complexity of the web. The posts within my webpage have now drawn to a close but have enabled me to gain a much deeper understanding of the subject as a whole. I have also gained knowledge that other area’s of computing come into web for example Programming. The sources I have used for my weekly blogs can be found at the bottom of each page if you would like a deeper understanding of my blogs. Furthermore there are video’s and images to  view to help viewers understanding, however as previously mentioned commenting on my blogs would be appreciated.



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